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The Weiss-Aug Group, started out with the founding of Weiss-Aug Co Inc. in 1972 by Dieter Weissenrieder and Kurt Augustin as a precision contract metal stamping company with 4 individuals in New Jersey. The company grew to over 150 team members and added molding and assembly capabilities by the late 90s. Entering the new millennium, Dieter Weissenrieder’ s vision for growth led to the acquisition of a tooling company, stamping company, and the addition of a medical device-focused division. Following the successes of those integrations, Weiss-Aug Mexico was launched in 2017, and most recently Lupine Research, an R&D firm in Boulder, CO was created to provide customers early product development support and next-generation technology.

Now in the process of expansion with 2 factories, adding another 100,000 SF and more capabilities, The Weiss-Aug Group is positioned to support customers with the smartest R&D, engineering, and manufacturing solutions. 

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1972 | Precision metal stamping

Company founded as a precision metal die maker and high-speed stamping supplier

1980 | Insert molding

Acquisition of molding capabilities launches Weiss-Aug into the insert molding market

1988 | Assembly

Manufacturing capabilities compliment stamping and insert molding with assembly processes

1993 | Tooling

Weiss-Aug expands tooling design and builds capabilities in step with increasing customer demand

2010 | Automation

Establishment of in-house automation design and build department to support operations

2012 | In-Die-Laser welding

First production tool featuring in-die laser welding introduced

2015 | Medium Gauge Stampings

Acquisition of Diemasters Manufacturing Inc. further expands Weiss-Aug's stamping capabilities into the medium tonnage range and market applications including mechanical sub-assemblies

2016 | Progressive Dies Tooling

Acquisition of JK Tool further expands Weiss-Aug's tool design and build capacities and adds expertise in the design of lead frame dies

2017 | Became international

Establishment of a low-cost manufacturing site in Monterrey, Mexico

2017 | CNC technologies

Established state-of-the-art high precision CNC machining department

2018 | Laser Lab Technology Center

Expansion of NPD capabilities with the introduction of the Laser Lab Technology Center

2020 | Lupine Research

Creation of new R&D/Automation Division